Great Expectations

So this is it, this is my very first blog. It reminds me of removing a dirty, old Band-aid. Not the plastic kind…but the material kind that stick so well that you instantly fear the day you will need to remove it. You know it will be painful…you avoid it..but know this is best handled by not over thinking the situation, by ripping it off quickly. So this is how I will approach this first entry. Not over thinking it…and doing it quickly.

I wanted a place to write about what I have always been thinking, but may never have shared. I want to write about my three great loves: Teaching, My children and My husband. I don’t want this to become just another Mummy Blog or an angry, disgruntled Wife Blog . Or an equally boring Education Blog written by senior teachers who have been told to ‘update’ their skills in order to keep up with the children of today. They then attend every I.C.T course available to prove they can move with the times, or that they will pass their next performance review. There will however be glimpses of all of the above!

Before I was a mum, I was a person, I was a teacher. I lived each day to further my career and by doing this formed a large part of my identity. It was who I became….It is who I am. I am still a teacher, but something has changed . Shortly after having my first son, I grieved the person I thought I had lost, the person I had worked hard to become, I felt like I had lost my identity. Now I see that Since having children I  have softened. Compassion and Understanding is now part of my pedagogy. I cringe when I think of some of the beliefs I held in those first few years out of University. I will look at life through an altered lens from here on in, through the rose-coloured glasses that only a mum can wear (Yes you know the kind I’m talking about).

I want to share my experiences in the classroom. The warm, the funny, the sad, the happy. I want to tell you the things we are not allowed to say in report cards or in parent teacher interviews, but tell them with honesty and a hint of humour (because sometimes when Lego is stuck up your nose…all you can do is laugh) .

The most important part of teaching is the relationships made and the impressions left in your heart and in your memory. In years to come I won’t remember the names of our texts books but I will remember the toughest kid in the class. So this first post is dedicated to The Harry’s, the Alex’s, The Bradley’s, The Matthew’s and the Nathan’s.


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