Put your hand up if this is you….

There are certain social behaviours that I am convinced people engage in that they would not readily admit to in normal circumstances. Since this is a Blog and the chances of me meeting you are rather slim, I just wanted a quick show of hands on the following points (yes you may participate anonymously in your mind)

There are certain times in life when you know if someone were to have seen what you just did, you probably wouldn’t have done it. Over time I have gotten better at adjusting my sometimes anti-social behaviour and now have a bit a conscience moment before stealing nuts at Coles. Notice I said ‘ Moment before’?  Yes,  I consider whether it is correct to do so, ignore my best judgement and continue eating. To me it is just one of those social  conventions that we all know is actually wrong…but have all agreed to turn a blind eye to. Almost a ‘ rule-breaker’ an acceptable new norm.

Yesterday I was running behind a man who was walking his horse. Well almost a horse, this dog was massive and we know that with a massive dog comes a massive poo’. His horse-dog did a huge Mr Whippy on someone’s lawn. Owner of horse-dog was quite happy to keep on walking until he realized I was behind him. I laughed watching him scurry over to clean it up only after noticing me behind him. I didn’t care too much, I was secretly feeling sick that that he had to pick up the gigantic gift left by the horse-dog. Not that I would’ve said anything…but it just made me laugh and got me to thinking about other times I have caught children and adults doing the same thing.

Here is the start of a list of things you wouldn’t do if someone was watching…feel free to add to it.

1. Drop something in the supermarket, then put it back on the shelf and get an undamaged one.

2. Used the last bit of toilet paper and not bothered to replace it (My husbands favourite party trick)

3. Not washing your hands after going to the toilet 

4. Pull your knickers or jocks out of your bum in a public place.

5. Pick (scratch haha) your nose in the car because for some reason you think car windows are made of one way glass.

I love the innocence of a child who has dropped their ice-block on the floor, picks it up and eats it without caring that anyone has seen them. I love that it is okay for a child to wet their pants in public, but if I do it my husband would move tables and probably suggest I see a doctor. At what age does it become wrong to eat off the floor? Wrong to eat my dinner with my hands? Wrong to announce to everyone in the room that you have just farted and expect everyone to laugh and think it’s cute?





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