Move away weirdo! Can someone please tell me why…….

Why is it in a completely empty room full of chairs, full of fabulous empty personal spaces, there is always the one weirdo who chooses to sit right next to you!

You know this person…the one at the gym who chooses the treadmill right next to you, ignoring the 50 other empty ones…?

The smelly one on the bus who chooses to block you in by sitting next to you, instead of sitting in the empty seat behind!

The awkward couple in the cafe who choose to sit outside while you are inside, but are so close to the glass they are almost sitting beside you at the table!

To all the space invaders out there….move away, if you are closer than an arm span, then do as I tell my students and ‘find your own space’

Do you know this weirdo? Is this weirdo you? Please give me an insight into why a outwardly sane person would choose to do this?

And to the lady to my left …almost sitting on my lap…..piss off over there!


6 thoughts on “Move away weirdo! Can someone please tell me why…….

    • Funny you would say that.. Was discussing with my brother just last night how we are always mistaken for shop assistants when shopping in target and how we always get asked for directions on the street! Either we are very approachable, non-weirdo looking people, or we need to stop dressing like shop assistants!

  1. You forgot to mention the one in the cinema who sits right in your aisle when the entire rest of the theatre is empty….

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