Begotchinawa has a capital B

I have just wasted ten minutes of my life trying to read a stupid electronic ‘Captcha’ code! I feel a little bit embarrassed and slightly shamed by this electronic code. Firstly because I now know that ‘it’ has an official name. This indicates that some ‘actual’ person must be responsible for developing such a silly time wasting activity, but also that I can imagine this person at a BBQ on the weekend having a conversation like this:

Potential new friend: ‘What do you do with yourself?

Silly Electronic code person  ‘ yeah, I developed electronic Captchas’

Potential new friend suspects boringness ‘ oh, what’s a Captcha?’

Silly electronic code person ‘ know when you have to read the letters but you can never really see them properly?’

Potential new friend (now has been renamed ‘Can’t believe I picked boring person to talk to at this BBQ person’) ‘ I just have to get a drink’….(and hide from you for the rest of the afternoon)

Secondly I am embarrassed, as they do say ‘ It’s purpose is to protect the site from electronic spam‘. As a result of my human failure to read made up words three times in a row,  I am starting to seriously question whether or not I am actually a computer program in disguise? Maybe all of this time, I have been ‘spam’. Surely any human being would be able to immediately recognise words such as ‘pqustin‘ and ‘sQyTT.P’ . Maybe me being ‘computer spam’ all of this time is the is the reason that I find typing easier than talking?

The first failed attempt is always expected. I would be surprised if they gave you such an easily identifiable word on the first attempt…fair enough. It’s not meant to be easy.

But by the third failed attempt to read a word slightly resembling ‘bgotchinawa‘ You catch yourself saying ‘ Oh right, Begotchinawa has a capital B!  Also at this point you begin to question how badly you want to progress to the next page anyway. Is it really worth playing ‘Guess who?” for the next twenty minutes just to sign up for a newsletter you didn’t really want anyway?’ I only pushed ‘Yes, Sign me up’ because they offered it so nicely, and I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

So by the fourth attempt….I shout something rhyming with ‘for trucks bake’ and vow never to use anything that needs the superhuman ability to read made up words again.

Needless to say I will not be receiving my monthly subscription from ‘Some’e’cards’ until I have stopped sulking.


9 thoughts on “Begotchinawa has a capital B

  1. Tangfastic! Wehav eallb een there! But ironic that most of the things that we are guessing the mystery non-word is for utter crap we don’t want filling up our inbox with anyway!

  2. Hahahah I’m so glad that it’s not just me that has trouble with Captcha. Infact, I even tried the audio option once, and could make even less sense of that than attempting to read it…

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