….and I now really hate the name Cruz!

Today I had one of those very ‘cringe-worthy’ moments where you accidentally overhear another parent say something that you really wish you hadn’t. It was so revoltingly embarrassing that I had to do one of those loud ‘tuts and a head shake.

It went something like this:

Child who had been dragged around the shop for hours being ignored by self indulgent mother decided he would start playing up in the clothes store. It was nothing slap worthy, just boys stuff. She who ‘couldn’t take her eyes away from her iphone even to tell him off’ stops in the middle of the shop and declares at the top of her voice while sorting through more clothes with her back to him:

‘I can sense that you are frustrated Cruz but at the moment you need to control your behaviour. You are making it very difficult for mummy to finish what she is doing. If mummy can’t finish what she is doing then there will be a consequence. Do you want consequences Cruz? Right then you need to think about your behaviour right now and chill out’. 

Oh yeah….that worked! Are you serious lady? The child was not much older than 2…..frustrated? Consequences? What are you on about? I wouldn’t listen to you either if you talked rubbish like that all day! Judging by the way he continued putting dresses over his head so he couldn’t see her…I doubt he understood a thing she was saying either.

One thing that has always really annoyed me as a teacher and as a mum is hearing parents talking to their small children as though they are adults. They are not adults, they have been alive for a pathetic amount of time, I have owned underwear for longer than some of these kiddies have walked the earth. They are so new at ‘being human’ that there are still things that they see for the ‘first time’, every time they leave the house. Some do not even have all of their teeth yet let alone possess moral reasoning skills that probably won’t develop for another 20 years! or in some cases maybe 30.

Yes I am being very Judgemental, and my opinion on this will never change. I am so sick of ‘Text Book’ parents who feel the need to read every parenting book on the market, attend every possible group and join every possible committee known to man in order to feel successful as a parent.There is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned ‘shut the hell up’ or a simple ‘no ‘. The child will not be scarred for life and they will not go on to be lesser citizens because you told them not to do something. They understand ‘simple’ because at this age life is simple.They barely remember the cat’s name…they certainly won’t be holding this against you when they are 21.  It is generally this same group of people who are trying so hard to keep up with the Jones’ they miss the fun part of being a parent…and that is simply just spending time with your children. Listening to them, talking to them and making them feel special. Not having them as an accessory because it was the next thing to do and be ‘successful’ at. You can’t study to have children…it is on the job training.  Stop reading and go with your gut.

And in other news….I now really hate the name ‘Cruz’. I wonder if Cruz’s mum ever practised saying his silly name out loud in public before deciding it was a good choice!  Oh yes…I fancy myself as a Victoria Beckham…why don’t we call him Cruz and in two years we can conference him on his behaviour in the middle of the shops!

Apologies in advance for offending any Cruz lovers out there. 


11 thoughts on “….and I now really hate the name Cruz!

    • As long as you are not putting dresses over your head:).men shall never truly know what their wives are on about… For the simple fact that they themselves don’t often know 🙂

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! This “mum” has no idea how to rear a child. It may have come from her own lack of training as a child. But ignorance isn’t an excuse…especially if one has decided to become a parent themselves. And you are not judgmental here. You witnessed a “wrong doing” and commented on it. No wrong there…

    We see so much of this kind of thing in society today. People, learn how to train up a child with appropriate disciplinary measures. Start by getting off that stupid cell phone and pay attention to your kids.

    Thanks for your visit and comments…


    • Unfortunately all too common…. I don’t claim to be any sort of expert but I know when done thing sounds off… And let’s face it… If its not working then change it! Thanks for reading:)

      • The laws concerning disciplining your child have been so diluted, and therefore cause teachers, parents, etc. many problems.

        I am not advocating physical abuse, but a good old-fashioned swat in the proper time and place has proven to be a good trainer in many children.

        Time outs, restricting privileges, withholding allowances, etc. just don’t work in many cases. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” had to get it’s meaning from somewhere.

        Thanks for the reply,

  2. I was stuck behind a revolting mother and her daughter at the checkout at Woolies one day when doing my groceries. I must have heard Elizabeth-Daisy being chastised at least fifteen times in the time I was standing there. If I had not already laden the conveyor belt with my purchases-to-be, I would have scarpered and gone to another register, or simply have abandonned my trolley full-stop. It grated on my ears and my nerves, and was said in such a poshy English accent… (I’m an Aussie, living in Australia) that I am not sure if it was a put on or not. Poor Elizabeth-Daisy. I wonder if her name ever got shortened to E.D. as she grew older….

    • The best part is as soon as they get to school Elizabeth- Daisy will never be heard again…there’s no way 5 year old’s will get their mouths around that one! The mums get very annoyed and continue to correct everybody within earshot…..”it’s not lizzy, it’s Elizabeth – Daisy!!!!! ‘ Yeah right:)

  3. Now, teachermumwife, I am trying to blog here and if you don’t stop shouting about the name Cruz, Laura won’t be able to finish this post. And you know what will happen if Laura doesn’t finish her post? There will be consequences. There will be NO POST. Now just think about your behaviour while I blog, please.

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