Ten days in… Time to whinge

Ten days into our month away from home and I am already about to have a big fat whinge!!!
Firstly there is no Internet access at the house we are in..I’m sorry but have we returned to 1990’s? If this is the case you won’t mind me listening to a wet wet wet album, watch four weddings and a funeral and wear a hair scrunchie. I am forced to post a blog from my phone and my fingers are too fat for the keys… I started writing this 4 years ago and am still going! Apparently the tapping noise that the keys make when I’m typing is also very annoying to my husband. Really sorry about that… I would hate to interrupt your viewing of tonight’s episode of ‘Great Australian Bakeoff’. 
Life without the Internet is tough, how will I confirm that I am still in electronic existence? #firstworldproblem
Yesterday we noticed a sign on a pub window saying $9 schnitzels. My Husband showed more delight towards this deal than was exhibited on our wedding day. How could I deny him of this culinary treat. So off we went to cash in on our super schnitzel special. Expectations were high. After ordering it turned out that to get the special you had to sit in the front bar…(1 metre to our right) I had already sat back in my seat like a coward after paying full price . A quick discussion was had ( through gritted teeth, tutting and aggressive whispering ) and it was decided that I would have to do the walk of Shame back to the counter to ask for a refund… Yes me!!! It was also agreed that we should move the metre to get the discount. Was so embarrassed, and then spent the next half hour avoiding eye contact with all staff members. My husband said this was the best schnitzel he’d ever eaten. What a pity, as we won’t be going back!
 P.s – why do they put the schnitzel on top of the chips!Image
Would whinge some more… But my thumb is sore. Will be back when we have acquired some wifi… If all else fails I guess there is McDonalds.

One thought on “Ten days in… Time to whinge

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping off at my abode and liking my fireworks haiku. I’ve just read this post and it made me giggle. Not that I’m making fun of you for not having the internet. No way, you should live where I live in a basement flat, there’s never any mobile signal and I can just about use my dongle if I don’t fiddle with it too much. No I laugh at the way you describe having to complain. I’m just the same. Avoiding eye contact works for me too so that’s the way to go. Brilliant. 🙂

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