Cancel, cancel, cancel retrieve!!!!

Firstly we now have internet…woohoo! Secondly since we’ve been away from home, I have a major case of ‘nothing to write about’, so excuse the silliness that you are about to read.

Last night while texting my husband who was in the lounge room (while I was in the bedroom,) I was being very silly and referring to a sore belly I had developed as a result of the Indian Food we had eaten earlier for dinner. For anyone who enjoys eating Indian food…you will know the feeling. Unfortunately, as you know, when speaking with family members, the choice of language differs significantly to that which you would choose when texting a work colleague or an acquaintance. So as I proceeded to inform my husband at 10:30pm about my ‘going ons’ I sleepily sent this to someone else. The sheer panic that sets in once you’ve pushed the ‘send’ button is like no other. You know the feeling, your body goes hot and tingly and for some reason you think if you frantically  push cancel 14 times that a little phone message man will hop into the phone line and get your message back for you. Please….Please get it back for me little phone message man! I didn’t mean it and if you get it back for me I promise to make sure this never happens again!


A minute later you then start to question whether it happened at all. You begin to rationalize…maybe it didn’t send? What am I worried about? You then relax. No news is good news. The silent sounds of ‘no reply’ seem to put you at ease. You forget about it and fall asleep. Until …the shrill sound of an early morning ‘beep, beep’. You are rudely awoken the next day by the early morning reply, ‘I think that was meant for someone else?’ Your stomach drops, the shame spiral begins. You even begin to devise plans for how you could begin living life without leaving the house and risking the embarrassing meeting, I’m sure I’ve got enough canned food to keep me going, and thank god there is a carton of long life milk in the cupboard. With the internet these days…you may never need leave your dark bedroom. If doomsday preppers can do it..why can’t I?


There is no way to rectify the ‘accidental text’. Once it has been read you have been judged and no amount of furious back peddling and sucking up will fix it for you.


At least this time it wasn’t my boss who received a drunken 2am text message, it was just my mum!




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