Looks Can Be deceiving…..

Forget Teenagers, are Pushy Pensioners the new rude?


Many of us would be familiar with the phrase ‘Respect your Elders’. Well enough is enough, no more Mrs Nice Pants. Up until a few years ago, I was a strict follower of this Golden Rule. But as time unravels, and as I transition toward becoming someone elses ‘elder’ I obey this no longer.


You see this silver haired army has created their own version of the get out of jail free card, but amongst themselves it is affectionately known as the ‘Refusal to Wait in Line’ card. In Post offices, Airports, Shopping centres, Doctors surgeries and Toilets all over the world, ‘Elders’ are banding together to disobey International Queuing Conventions. It is power in numbers. Most of us have been a the receiving end of this card, and like me thought ‘ Awwww dear little thing, doesn’t know what’s happening and has gone to the front of the line, someone help them’. Mmm.. Dare I suggest that a large percentage of these happenings, these seemingly accidental oversights were in fact premeditated attempts to ‘push in’. As you may have already picked up from previous blogs and as my husband would tell you, I really hate waiting and am incredibly impatient. It really does evoke a fight or flight reaction where I could seriously injure people who push in.


You see my dad has blown the cover of this operation. On many occasions throughout my childhood I can remember him saying ‘I can’t wait to get old, you can do what you want and no one does a thing!, Who’s going to have a punch up with an old bugger like me?’ It wasn’t until waiting in line at a café the other day that I remembered this conversation with dad. It was true…they get away with everything under the guise of being ‘past it’. But Dad who has now excitedly joined this elite, well-travelled group of humans and is more than ‘with it’ is adamant that it is not just him that ‘plays dumb’.


Anyway, back to ‘Rude Old Lady’. I was in clear sight of the grey haired offender as she scuttled up to next to me (think little and old, set and blow dry, with dark glasses on, and yes I do believe the glasses were part of her plan). She even started a conversation with me about my children, at which point I thought ‘Oh, how sweet’. Until the attendant came and shouted ‘Who was next?’. Well you should’ve seen the speed and precision that followed as she bowled me over to unashamedly get to the counter There was not a feeble, scuttle insight!!!! What happened to the sweet old lady? Who was this Octogenarian Gladiator before me? From the moment she pushed in all eye contact had ceased. If she didn’t look, she couldn’t be held accountable, and really, as if I was going to be the one to alert everyone to the fact that I ‘knew’ that the 80 year old granny next to me she knew she wasn’t next. Everyone saw, everyone knew and everyone said nothing. Mission completed.




I get a funny feeling that that by the age of 80 you would seriously be thinking ‘I’ve been on earth for long enough to have earned the right to ignore all of the rules’. This also includes being the only person at Christmas dinner who is able to single handedly insult everyone and get away with it. Good one Nanny!


To be honest….this is one right of passage is one that I fully intend to take advantage of!



9 thoughts on “Looks Can Be deceiving…..

  1. In Brazil we don’t have dividers, but we do have a queue for the aged, pregnant and disabled. If you try to push in, you get a sharp shift. I had one little old lady try the ‘my father’s a retired admiral’ trick, which is common here, they think they have the right of way; she got the short stick, ‘so, who cares?’ and I sharply nudged her cart out of my way. Admiral’s daughters hold no sway with me.


  2. Great story but I think I might know someone exactly like the little old lady in your story. She has no patience, is happy to push in and takes no prisoners. All I can say is pity help your husband if you become one of these old age warriors and no, it does not take to 80, the one I know is only in her 50s.

  3. This story blew my mind. As a Brit, I’m utterly confused when people don’t comply with the internationally recognised codes of queuing. I’m not equipped to deal with this situation. My mind says PUNCH HER FOR PUSHING IN! But social convention says smile politely and turn the other cheek. And I’m stuck in the middle going, “Wh… I don’t…. She… I….”

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