The day Santa was Busted: Should I Exchange or give him the gift anyway?



Santa was nearly busted in our house yesterday. After realizing I was officially flying by the seat of my Christmas pants, 9 days out and only having  purchased a money tin and some slime, panic officially set in.

My husband arrived home early for the first time in months so I jumped into the car and raced to the shops to at least get the main presents for my two boys. I managed to chuck a few other things in the trolley and set off home again. Proud of my fruitful and sneaky shopping venture I walked through the font door with a smugness ( because nothing  can be sneaky when you have 3 children, if i’m caught in the shower alone I am glared at like I have cheated on them).

I warned my husband not to let the kids go to the car as the haul was in the back seat. Not quite sure why I said that as they wouldn’t normally go to the car alone anyway. But there’s a first day for everything! An hour later after discovering the front passenger door wide open my stomach dropped to the floor. One of the kids had been into the car, and I knew immediately it was my eldest, sneakiest son who had been snooping. I knew he would have seen the lot. After some questioning he admitted to ‘just seeing the nerf guns’- so obviously he had also seen the two scooters from Santa right next to the guns too. My heart sank. The boys had only the day before asked Santa for the scooters and here I was with 2 in the back seat. I was so upset thinking he had uncovered the secret at the age of 6. I nearly cried.

So here I am  9 days out wondering what to do. Obviously I have to now say that Santa wasn’t bringing scooters because he noticed mummy had bought them but I’m faced with one of those motherly moments where you know you should teach your child a life lesson. Should I return the scooter that he saw and getting something else? or continue to give it to him on Christmas Day knowing he will not be surprised? I just don’t know what to do with this one…should I teach him a lesson or is the lesson going to be about letting him spoil his own surprise?

I have spoken to a few different people but everyone had a different opinion on what was the best thing to do.

So What would you experienced mummies do?




5 thoughts on “The day Santa was Busted: Should I Exchange or give him the gift anyway?

  1. I would give them the scooters on Christmas and say that they are a gift from Mom and Dad. When I was younger my Mother would buy us each a gift but give it to us on Christmas Eve! I’m sorry this happened 😕

    • That’s what I think we will do… The little fella is probably dreaming of his new scooter and would be crushed not to be getting it after seeing it…. I didn’t think snooping for presents happened til much later !!

  2. Uh ohhhhh…… life lesson No 1- the truth might be disappointing. But, childhood ignorance is bliss!! Comes a day we all learn disappointing truths. But the even if the surprise is spoilt, maybe children learn that it is the ones that love them most that listen to what they want and spoil them with live and gifts. Xx Merry Christmas lots of love S̷a̷n̷t̷a̷ Mummy.

  3. At our house we have gifts from us, the parents, that are opened on Christmas eve, and gifts from Santa that arrive on Christmas day along with the stocking stuffers. The items that have been seen, could be from you, and find a couple other, smaller items to be from Santa.

    • Yes thats the idea we are going to go with I think… Our biggest problem was that the only items on ‘santas list’ were the ones that were seen…. So this week has been quickly writing new lists and hoping something different appeared! 😀

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