I am a Primary School trained teacher, with a Bachelor of Education (JP&P). I grew up in a low socio-economic region of Adelaide and enjoyed the ‘public and proud’ education I received at the local state school.(It is funny that I still remember our Math teacher proudly sporting that tacky slogan on a a bumper sticker on his car). I have spent a majority of my career teaching in the Catholic System in vastly different surroundings. My pet hate: People referring to Catholic Schools as Private Schools. Before you start thinking ‘ Here we go,another religious nut on her soap box’ this is not the case. I love the theology and moral education that underpins my religion..but so far have been pretty sloppy in following it.

My greatest achievements are my two beautiful sons aged 3 years and 3 months.I also have a wonderful husband (Would not be so complimentary if I knew he was reading this) and a very supportive extended family.

I don’t know exactly where or how it developed but I have a strong passion for Special Education, (particularly interested in Austism Spectrum Disorder. I love being in a school. I love watching 30 little personalities develop and blossom over the course of a school year. I love those breakthrough moments when you realize you have left an imprint or made a connection. I would very much like to steer my teaching in the direction of Learning Support.

Last week, while writing job applications for my husband…I fell in love all over again. No, not with my husband (we are newly married so I would like to think we hadn’t yet fallen out of love) but with writing. As a child I remember boring people to tears with my list writing. Yes…you read it correctly…lists. I loved to make lists. There was always something so therapeutic about it. Perhaps my own way of having my life in order while things around me were in chaos. I have also come to rely heavily on writing when faced with delivering the ‘tough messages in life’. I have always found it easier to write how I feel as opposed to saying it. So this is why I am here, because I love to write…and what better to write about than the things you love.

I have taken a year out of the classroom to focus on my own boys. I want to reflect, take time to watch Dr Phil, drink coffee and attend something ‘motherly’. I returned to work too soon after having my first son and never really felt like I could be happy at home. Whilst I will still never be ‘Mother’s Group’ material I will remember back to last year working full time with a class of Year Ones and a 2 year old of my own. Racing to finish report cards and late night staff meetings. I often found myself in these meetings having evil thoughts about anyone who dared ask a question, as I knew an extended answer would keep me away from my son even longer. I will enjoy every minute!

NB: Strangely enough I also find laminating a very relaxing activity…but carrying around a laminator and asking to ‘plug it in’ down at Zaraffa’s is not as socially acceptable as using your laptop.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Are you me?
    I found your name in the comments section of ‘Lessons from my Daughter’.
    Thought I would check out a fellow teacher/mum. Loved your posts.
    Seriously, are you me in the Southern hemisphere? Bells were ringing.
    Maybe it’s a much younger me on the other side of the world!
    I’ll be following to see what you/I get up to.x

    • Hello! Maybe? hahaha. we could swap hemispheres for the summer then!.I think similar traits are common amongst many teachers but then again there are also that other type..the ones you can spot out in a crowd because they are trying to organize the general public…:) Thanks for reading!

  2. Your blog is going to be one of my favourites. I can really relate to the teacher/mum thing, as that’s what i used to do before we moved out here to India. Laminating is ace! I almost bought a laminator from office world….hmmm….plastic pouches…….

    • Thankyou:) Wow… A Big move for you guys, my husband and I moved interstate and it’s definitely a rough without your family and friends in a new place, yeah I’m not sure about you but there are lots of weird classroom things that I find relaxing.. Like colouring in! .. Ill often sit with the kids and colour in , also really like it when the kids are in the mat and play with your boots!! 🙂

      • that used to be one of my favourite things too. At the end of term, after the clearing up had been done, the treat dvd would get put on and my colleagues and i would munch on the last of the biccies and colour in at the back of the room.

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  4. Hi TeacherMumWife,
    As I wish to let others know how much I enjoy reading your blog, I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    You can check out the nomination in my post http://wp.me/p3O5Jj-k4 .
    Participation is your choice. If you wish to nominate bloggers who inspire you, the rules are provided there.
    Thanks for sharing so much wonderful content on your blog.
    Best wishes, Norah.

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