a little bit of mindfulness in between the madness 

I used to spend a fair bit of time drafting my posts – but 3 children down and I rarely find time to change toilet rolls these days so my new idea is to just scrap the planning and write… Mistakes and everything. Won’t make for the most exciting read you’ve ever had but who knows-Maybe I’ll begin managing more then 1 post a year again.

On Saturday I escaped my house, the kids and my husband and went to the beach. At first I couldn’t get out quick enough. After a months of no sleep, a busy husband and feeling very much like I was responsible for everything and everyone in our house  i needed to get away, if only for a couple of hours. I was exhausted and sat on the sand with coffee in hand. The sun was on my face and sound of the water was all I could hear, it had always been so calming for me. I sat quietly – wanting to enjoy every bit of the ‘no- fighting’ ‘no-crying’ ‘no – whinging’ that wasn’t going on. After an hour or so my desperate need to get away had dissolved into the sand beneath me and I was filled with intense gratitude. After a year of trying to force myself to be ‘mindful’ and to enjoy practicing ‘mindfulness- despite hating the voice of the silly man on the app that was recommended to me, it all suddenly clicked into place.

All it took was some time away, some mindfulness, to again appreciate what I have around me. 

Aside from taking the photo i was able to sit for 2 hours without looking at a screen. I’m starting to believe our need to have constant contact with our phones and a life that isn’t ours or isn’t lived out in front of us maybe the catalyst for us all feeling the need to lead ‘better lives’ to eat ‘better food’, that being a mum and beingaverage isn’t  enough. When since should you feel like a lazy ass because you’re not running a ‘mummy business?… I’m flat out just trying to keep the children alive let alone sewing vintage bibs and screen printing owls onto organic monochrome jumpsuits in the 2 spare minutes I have for the day. 
I took this picture to remind me of this feeling next time I feel like escaping….to remind me to turn it all off and to just face the sun and enjoy being average. 


People watching part 1

I love people watching, it is one of my favourite past times. In the pre- child days I could do it for hours. These days I only get small windows of opportunity in which to sneak a peek, so I like to make the most of it. My favourite of all ‘people watching’ challenges, is to find the people having their ‘first date’ at a restaurant, it is like striking gold. I’m not sure what it is that attracts me to it. Maybe because I always see something so shocking that it validates my own normality or maybe I’m just a nosey bugger. My husband thinks it is definitely because I am a nosey bugger…so I will go with that. Anyway today while sitting at my favourite upper class coffee shop ( Donut King) I saw :

1. A man in his mid forties listening to music through an actual ‘Walkman’. No, not a Discman, I looked very carefully. It was definitely an old cassette playing Walkman, a relic of decades gone by. Firstly, what was he listening too? obviously not something from the top 30! More likely to be something from the era of ‘cassettes’. The last cassette I purchased was Madonna;The Immaculate Collection. Either this guy is an electronic genius who has been able to repair the tapes  after they’ve made the squeaky noise and gotten all tangled up or he has just discovered an old Christmas present that had been left hidden in the wardrobe. 

2. A Whole family walking through the shopping centre with their swimmers on. I realize that living in a coastal area that some would consider this normal, but it is winter and we were at least 10 km’s from the beach. Surely there is a suggested distance from the beach in which wearing swimmers as a replacement for clothing has to be frowned upon. My thoughts are….if you are more than one street away, put your pants on. 

3. Child playing in the indoor playground removing his nappy and inviting his new found friends to have a look. In fact he was so proud of his disappearing pants trick that he then threw it over the fence to share with the rest of the shoppers.

4. The Italian lady in her late thirties who shares a house with her mother three doors down from our house trudging through the shopping centre yelling at her boyfriend again. I would like to suggest that perhaps the fighting would stop if you moved into your own house …Just an idea? 

Oh and yes and I know that you saw us..

End of People watching Part One.